Social Activities

The environmental consciousness is promoted by environmental-friendly actions, such as: the use of mugs in replacement of disposable plastic cups; the use of eco-bags in replacement of plastic or petroleum-based bags; and waste separation during the days of the conference.

The social responsibility is developed through projects. The activities chosen to the 2016 edition are:

– Partnership with PAS

PAS – Program of Social Learning (Programa de Aprendizagem Social) is a social project created by FACAMP students in 2005 with the objective of offering Portuguese, Mathematics, Basic Economics and Computer classes to FACAMP’s cleaning and gardening employees. This year, the partnership with PAS involves aspects of Brazilian culture, with a Regional Fair, highlighting the influence of different countries in our habits.

– Blood Donation Campaign

FAMUN 2016 will continue the partnership with Hemocentro, which began in 2014. Hemocentro is a center for hematology and transfusion medicine of UNICAMP. Its work is centered in research as well as educating and coordinating blood donation policy. In the months of May and August, FAMUN team will make a collective blood donation, and during the conference days, FAMUN will promote a campaign to educate participants on the importance of blood donation.

Cultural Activities

Friday, September 2nd | 20h30 – 00h00 | ALOHAMUN

Nothing like meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends, right? ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! And to start FAMUN 2016’s festivities, we will get together to enjoy a Hawaiian happy-hour and get ready to our amazing journey in the next days of conference. To guarantee our delegates relaxing moments, the evening will bring us beach vibes, with seafood and sand. The presentation of an ID and the FAMUN badge is mandatory.

More information soon!

Saturday, September 3rd | 23h00 – 04h00 | The Big MUN Theory

In this night, Famuners will rule one of the best nightclubs of Campinas and will get VIP entry to the BANANA REPUBLIC! At the sound of the bests DJs in town, we will enjoy an unforgettable night full of nice people, good drinks and lots of fun. Only consumption will be charged. The presentation of an ID and the FAMUN badge is mandatory.

More information soon!

Monday, September 5th | 21h00 – 02h00 | FAMUN Horror Story

Did you think Saw was bizarre and terrifying? Wait and see what we have prepared for you in this night inspired by the worst horror movies in history. Choose your scariest outfit and join us to have fun with the best themed drinks and games, not to mention beerpong of bloody Mary and truco championship ‘a la Friday the 13th‘. To complete the night we will have our Horror Show: here every freaky skill is a talent! Amaze us with your dance, be it choreographed or you a bad improvisation. Everything counts! Remember that the most terrifying costume and the scariest performance can get you a surprise! If your delegation (or delegate) wants to perform, please send us an email ( The presentation of an ID and the FAMUN badge is mandatory.

More information soon!

Tuesday, September 6th | 18h00 -22h00 | Game of Models

Unfortunately, at some point FAMUN 2016 has to come to an end and this is the saddest moment for us: watching you go away. But before you buy your return ticket or go back home, we will get together to have a dignified farewell, FAMUN’s style! We will enjoy a great time with your new and old friends at República Alameda to end with a gran finale our FAMUN 2016. You can’t miss it! The presentation of an ID and the FAMUN badge is mandatory.

More information soon!

Cultural Activities Package: more information soon! 

Note 1: cultural activities are initiatives of the students, and FACAMP is exempted of any responsibility concerning these events.

Note 2: it is mandatory to present RG and FAMUN badges in all cultural activities.