Country report

As a part of their preparation, delegates must submit a Country Report (similar to the former Position Paper). It is a brief document, of one page, which presents the country’s position regarding the topic simulated, indicating which will be the guidelines followed by the delegate throughout the Conference.

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Rules of Procedure

From 2016 onwards, FAMUN, together with other Brazilian MUNs, will adopt the UN4MUN approach, incorporating news features from the planning stage to the practice of the rules of procedure of each committee. Following this path the outcome will be a more dynamic and realistic simulation.

The UN4MUN Approach, developed by the United Nations Department of Public Information, proposes to bring MUNs’ practice closer to the real procedures of the United Nations. Therefore, it intends to standardize the rules of procedure of MUNs all over the world, highlighting the spirit of cooperation and the process of reaching consensus that drives the real negotiations at the UN. Be prepared!

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Study Guides

Study Guides will be available as an introductory material to assist delegates during their preparation to FAMUN 2016. All study guides will be produced by Committee Directors, under advisement of FACAMP Professors.

These guides will be published in the format of an e-book by Editora FACAMP, inaugurating a sustainable and modern channel of academic publication.

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Award Policy

Aiming to stimulate a high-quality debate, previous research and preparation, and to acknowledge the involvement of participants, FAMUN will grant awards to delegates and delegations that contribute positively to the Conference.

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