Step by step

To take part of FAMUN 2016, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Set up one (or more) delegation(s) composed by College students.

Students eligible to take part in College committees:

  • Students over 18 (including students who have completed High School and students enrolled in “Cursinho” programs);
  • Students enrolled in an undergraduate course;
  • Undergraduate students;
  • Graduate students.

What is a delegation:

Delegations can be composed of 1 (one) to 10 (ten) delegates. However, a delegation composed by only one delegate is not eligible for Best Delegation Award.

  1. Choose a Head Delegate;

Each delegation must choose a Head Delegate, who will be responsible for receiving all the information provided by the Secretariat. Head Delegates must be present at all the Head Delegates Meetings during the Conference as well.

  1. Choose your representation preferences from the list of representations (countries/institutions);
  1. Fill in the registration form (Form A) in the login area;

The registration period is from May to August 2016, and may be closed earlier if all the representations are assigned. After this period, delegations interested in participating will be allocated on a waiting list.

  1. Pay the fee (R$ 80,00 per delegate) and attach the payment receipt through the login area;

Delegate fee: R$ 80,00

  • There are no delegation fees.
  • Faculty Advisors are free of registration fees.

Instructions: After filling in the registration form (Form A), the Head Delegate has 5-week days to execute the fee payment through an identified deposit in our bank account. The information for the deposit is available in the login area.

After the payment, we ask you to attach the payment receipt through the login area. The proper payment of all fees is an obligatory condition to validate a registration.

The Head Delegate will receive a register confirmation and after that will have the representations assigned.

If the payment is not executed or the payment receipt is not sent 5 days within the filling of Form A, your delegation’s registration will be canceled.

Registration Fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Request for registration fee exemption: Participants who may have financial difficulties in paying for the registration fee may apply, individually, for an exemption from the registration fee. The request must be made by filling in the form in the login area and it will be evaluated by the FACAMP Board of Directors.

NOTE: The participant who obtains an exemption from the registration fee must attend all FAMUN sessions and send a final report of participation.

  1. Wait for the register confirmation and the representation assignment;
  2. Fill in the Form B in the login area;
  3. Prepare your delegation to FAMUN 2016 and meet us at FACAMP, from September 2nd to 6th, to enjoy five unforgettable days!
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