In the United Nations, negotiations do not stop when diplomats leave the headquarters, they continue during lunch, dinner and of course…Happy Hours and Bars!

This is why FAMUN 2019 will host Social Events to offer participants a chance to integrate in a friendly and less serious atmosphere.

CONFERENCE SOCIAL EVENT (for all participants) – FAMUN Factor

Do you have any hidden talents? Are you a great singer, artist or dancer? So this is your event! FAMUN Factor will offer participants a chance to showcase their special skills in a talent show!

To get the party started, we will have a light cocktail and live music. And then…talents all over the campus! If you want to perform, submit your application through the form:

  • Date: 8 September (Sunday)
  • From 7.30 p.m to 10.30 p.m
  • Address: FACAMP campus
  • Free event



Have you ever wanted to be a super hero, a TV star or a singer? This is your chance! Choose your best costume and come have a game night with us. FAMUN will welcome High School delegates in Metropoly Bar, to play board games, have some food and get to know other delegates.

  • Date: 06 September (Friday)
  • 7 p.m – 10 p.m
  • Address: Metropoly Bar – Av. Professor Atílio Martini, 469 – Cidade Universitária, Campinas – SP, 13083-830.
  • Tickets (limited amount):

Until 03 September: R$ 45,00 (R$ 30 consumption)

During FAMUN 2019: R$ 50,00 (R$ 30 consumption)

  • This event is only for High School delegates. No alcoholic beverages allowed.
  • There is no reimbursement.



To honor our conference theme – Living together in Peace – we will host a party that will bring the thrills of the Hippie Movements! We will remember when people got to the streets asking for peace and love. Get your best 1970s outfit to get this party started. We will offer pizza, beer, “Corote” booms, soda and botlled water.

  • Date: 07 September (Saturday)
  • From 8 p.m to 01 a.m
  • Address – República Alameda: Rua Visconde do Rio Claro, 322. Cidade Universitária. Campinas -SP.
  • Tickets:

Until 03 September: R$ 50, 00

During FAMUN 2019: R$ 55,00

  • This event is only for University students. Delegates from High School are not allowed.
  • There is no reimbursement.

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