The E-book, “Living Together in Peace – FACAMP Model United Nations Study Guide 2019”, offers delegates a deeper analysis about each topic being simulated in the conference. Each chapter brings the theoretical framework in which the topics are presented and thoughts to be considered while determining countries priorities.

Together with the SG Reports, the E-Book comprises our Study Material package to help you get the best experience during FAMUN 2019.


Ebook FAMUN 2019: download here

Reports of the Secretary-General 

The SG Reports present the most recent information from the ground, giving delegates the data they need in order to adequately prepare their positions.

For those who will be delegates in a General Assembly committee, it is also possible to download the Organization of Work (OOW), which presents detailed information about the sessions.

Select your Committee, Council or Court below to download your documents.


High School Committees and Councils

UNGA Second Committee – Harmony with Nature

  • SG Report (download here) . Authors: Flávia Leal Mattos, Maria Eduarda Marques Jareta e Heitor Benito Darros Terceiro.
  • OOW (download here)

UNGA Second Committee – International migration and development

UNGA Third Committee – International drug control. Authors: Rafaela Obrownick Lopes.

UNSC – Women, peace and security (download here).Authors: Marcela Ribeiro Silva, Luiza Stradiotto e Marina Keller Soto

UNSC – Children and armed conflict (download here). Authors: Gabriel Rezende Pellegrina.

University Committee, Council and Court

UNGA Second Committee – International migration and development

UNSC – The situation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (download here). Authors: Isabela de Moraes Minaré.

ICJ – Whaling in the Antarctic (Australia vs. Japan – New Zealand intervening) (download here). Authors: Júlia Green, Pedro Henrique del Mônaco Staut e Vitor Baubino Piccoli Rocha.

Other documents for GA Committees

For those in the GA, the documents above give special information about agenda items, length of statements and general information about the Plenary.

Provisional Agenda (download here)

First Report of the General Committee (download here)

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