Awards criteria

based on WIMUN approach (content ceded by WFUNA)

The following awards will be given out at FAMUN 2020:

Individual Awards

  • Diplomacy Awards
  • Position Paper Awards

Diplomacy Awards represent the delegates in committee that pursue consensus, cooperation, and negotiation throughout conference. These awards are not tiered and will be awarded to a small portion of committee that best exhibits the spirit of diplomacy. Delegates who are awarded a Diplomacy Award at FAMUN 2020 must fulfill the following criteria during the entire conference:

  • Act in the spirit of the United Nations and its values
  • Actively pursue consensus throughout negotiations
  • Contributes enthusiastically to the drafting of a resolution and raises issues relevant to the pursuit of consensus
  • Actively listens to concerns of other delegations
  • Actively proposes alternative solutions and compromises during Informal Negotiations
  • Engage with other delegates diplomatically and respectfully
  • Be prepared for opening remarks which are informative with regards to the country’s policy and ensure that other delegates gain an understanding of the position the country a delegate is representing
  • Have submitted a position paper prior to the conference and actively reflect the positions and solutions proposed in it throughout committee sessions
  • Attend all sessions of training and debate

Position Paper Award

Each committee will award a single Position Paper Award to the delegate whose document demonstrates exemplary writing and understanding of the topic at hand. A document worthy of the Position Paper Award will:

  • Follow the structure outlined by WIMUN 2018  and organize its ideas thoughtfully
  • Utilize thoughtful, concise grammar and language
  • Reflect a firm grasp on the committee’s topic of debate
  • Be solution-oriented and acknowledge other points of view
  • Original writing and no plagiarism

Note: High School Security Council Presidents are eligible for awards, including a Position Paper award or Diplomacy Award. Presidents will be evaluated only in their capacity as a delegate representing their member state and not in their ability to fulfil their duties as President.