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Preparation Guide and E-Book

Preparation Guide
E-book “Right to Development: Rise for all – FACAMP Model United Nations Study Guide 2021”

Committee’s and Council’s Handbooks

Each Committee and Council has its own Handbook, which contains the main historical aspects of the organ you will simulate, the rules of procedure and flow of debate for the conference, and important guidelines on how to write resolutions and other documents.

FAMUN is part of the Challenge!

FAMUN’s Human Rights Council simulations are participating on the UNHCR MUN Refugee Challenge: click here for more info. You may also want to check their supporting materials at the links bellow:

Also, do not forget to check the e-books launched for previous FAMUN’s editions below:


7th edition

Be the Change: Shaping our future together

Download E-book

6th edition

Living together in Peace

Download E-book

WIMUN Brazil (in partnership with WFUNA)

The 2030 Agenda: Standing up for Human Rights

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WIMUN Brazil (in partnership with WFUNA)
FAMUN 5th special edition – 2017

A sustainable future: people, prosperity, planet and peace

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4th edition

The future we want

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3rd edition

Power and national autonomy

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2nd edition

Globalization and Regionalism

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1st edition

The developing world under debate

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