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Here you will also find the e-book “Right to Development: Rise for All – FACAMP Model United Nations Study Guide 2021”, with reports addressing the topics under debate. The e-book will be released soon.

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FAMUN’s Human Rights Council simulations are participating on the UNHCR MUN Refugee Challenge: click here for more info.

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7th edition

Be the Change: Shaping our future together

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6th edition

Living together in Peace

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WIMUN Brazil (in partnership with WFUNA)

The 2030 Agenda: Standing up for Human Rights

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WIMUN Brazil (in partnership with WFUNA)
FAMUN 5th special edition – 2017

A sustainable future: people, prosperity, planet and peace

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4th edition

The future we want

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3rd edition

Power and national autonomy

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2nd edition

Globalization and Regionalism

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1st edition

The developing world under debate

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