FAMUN 2021 is a proud participant of the UNHCR MUN Challenge.

The United Nations High-Commissioner for Refugees is a UN agency fully dedicated to supporting refugees and to raising awareness on the challenges faced by these people all over the world.

Safe refuge is a right, but in many countries refugees still face prejudice and end up being marginalised in the very place that was supposed to ensure their safety. This is why the UNHCR has launched the MUN Challenge: the main goal is to raise awareness on toxic narratives concerning refugees, so we can all be agents of change helping to transform our communities into refugee-friendly environments.

In their official website, the UNHCR presents the MUN challenge:

“UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is challenging Model United Nations delegates worldwide to debate the major issues related to forced displacement. The best resolutions will win awards and be shared with policymakers”

UNHCR Official website

FAMUN 2021 is participating of the MUN Refugee Challenge with its two Human Rights Councils on “Promoting, protecting and respecting women’s and girls’ full enjoyment of human rights in humanitarian situations”, both for High School and University. The resolutions approved in both councils will be sent to the UNHCR and will be eligible to win the UNHCR award.

You can also help us by spreading the word on the challenge and taking the discussions to your schools/universities. The UNHCR offers some supporting materials and we are sharing them with you: