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Due to the online format of FAMUN 2020 and to ensure a greater diversity of participants, each school can register up to 6 delegates in the High School simulation. There are no limits for the University conference. 

Registration Step by step

To take part of FAMUN 2019, the following steps are necessary:

STEP ONE – Eligibility

High school and university level conferences will operate separately with the exception of Opening and Closing ceremonies. The eligibility criteria for each path is:

High School delegation: individual/group of students enrolled in High School or students below 18 who have completed High School and are enrolled in a preparatory program (“cursinho”). High school groups are strongly encouraged to be accompanied by at least one faculty advisor.

University path: individual/group of students enrolled in a University program or students over 18 who havecompleted High School and students enrolled in “Cursinho” programs);

STEP TWO – Choose a head delegate

The Head Delegate is the student responsible for registering his/her delegation in the conference. After filling in the Part 1 of the registration form, he/she will receive a login and password to the registration system, and will be responsible for receiving all the information provided by the Secretariat. Head Delegates must be present at all the Head Delegates Meetings during the Conference as well.

STEP THREE – Insert the information of your delegation and faculty advisors

After the Head Delegate register the delegation, all delegates and the Faculty Advisors must insert their personal information (Part 2 of the registration form). In this part, delegates can include their committees/council/court preferences

STEP FOUR – Payments

Each delegate and faculty advisor has to pay a fee to participate. The fees are the following:


High School and University Delegates

Fee per delegate: R$ 40

Faculty Advisors

Fee per faculty: R$ 20

  • You will find detailed payment instructions in the registration system


High School and University Delegates

Fee per delegate: US$ 25

Faculty Advisors

Fee per faculty: US$ 10

After filling in Parts 1 and 2 of the registration form, the Head Delegate has 5-week days to execute the fee payment through an identified deposit in our bank account. The information for the deposit is available in the login area.

After the payment, the Head Delegate needs to attach the payment receipt through the login area. The proper payment of all fees is an obligatory condition to validate a registration.

If the payment is not executed or the payment receipt is not attached in 5 days after registration, your delegation’s registration will be canceled.

Registration Fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.

STEP FIVE – Wait for your representation assignment

The first round of representation assignment will start by late July. Representations will be allocated by the FAMUN Organization Commission, according to the date of registration and the assigned preferences of delegations in the Registration Form. Also, a distributive principle among institutions will be followed. Assignments are final and cannot be changed under any circumstances. 

STEP SIX – Prepare yourself for the conference!

Check out the “Preparation” part of our website and get some tips on how to deliver a speech and write a position paper. Get more information on the rules of procedure and the content of your topic. Also, don’t forget to upload your Liability Waiver in the registration system prior to the conference. You can find the files clicking here.

Finally, do not forget to follow our social media to have updates on the conference! 

See you ONLINE in September

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