By accepting these terms and conditions to attend the Conference, delegates and faculty advisors recognize and agree with the following:

Registration:  due to the online format of FAMUN 2020 and to ensure a greater diversity of participants, each school can register up to 6 delegates in the High School simulation. There are no limits for the University conference. 

Registrations will be considered in a first come, first served basis and the conference offers limited vacancies. Once they have been all filled up, the Organization will open a waiting list. Delegates in this list will only be invited to register after dropouts. 

Payments: All payments should be done within 5 work days after the Registration is submitted. After this period, the registration is canceled, and delegates should submit it again if they decide to attend the Conference. National payments can only be done through bank deposits, while International payments can only be done through PayPal. This Conference does not work with refunds, under no circumstances.

Faculty Advisors: even though FAMUN 2020 will run in an online format, it is highly recommended that High School students are supervised by a faculty advisor throughout the days of the Conference. The faculty advisor should be a responsible adult within the following options: teacher, parent, adult legally responsible for the student.

Authorizations: In order to participate in FAMUN 2020 and join the online meetings, each participant must sign this liability waiver prior the beginning of the conference. In the case that a minor under the age of 18 is attending, the parent or guardian of the minor must read and sign the liability waiver along with the participant.

Personal data: FAMUN reserves the right to collect and use all data submitted by participants to FAMUN and FACAMP and to collect media material in the form of photographs and video during the conference and side events.

Technical requirements: FAMUN 2020 will hold online sessions, in the format of video teleconferencing. Participants need to make sure that they have all the technical requirements to join the conference:

  • Computer with internet connection, webcam and microphone;
  • An updated browser (Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox) to access FAMUN 2020 system;
  • Download the Zoom app and create a login. 

FACAMP is not responsible for technical problems originating from inadequate resources of participants. 

Security of links and passwords: Participants must guarantee the security of links and passwords related to the conference, being prohibited to share any information or content to anyone else. If a participant is not able to attend the online meetings, he/she is prohibited of transfer his/her registration to other person. Any fault in this regard will result in the expulsion of the delegate. 

If a participant needs to use some of the content for institutional marketing purposes, a request form can be obtained with the Organization Commission of FAMUN 2020. Only uses with express written consent will be allowed.

Identification: All participants must update their Zoom profile with a professional personal photo, full name, and name of country being represented. 

Conduct during online sessions: The Organization Commission of FAMUN is responsible for guaranteeing a diplomatic and respectful environment during all the days of the Conference, from online sessions to side events. FAMUN reserves the right to immediately suspend delegates for improper behavior, which may include (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Any actions related to the conference that violate the legal rights of other participants, such as defamation, harassment, threaten or other improper behavior;
  • Upload or share files with content consider improper or that may damage the operation of another person’s computer, such as files containing viruses; 
  • Provide false or inaccurate personal information;
  • Impersonate another participant, including, but not limited to, using the login of other delegates;
  • Attempt to obtain access as a faculty advisor if you are a student; or attempt to obtain access as a student if you are a faculty advisor. 

There will also be penalties for the entire delegation, such as the ineligibility for awards and limitations of country assignment in future conferences of FAMUN.

Letter of Invitation: Upon request, successful registrants will be issued a Letter of Invitation from FACAMP stating the status of their participation at FAMUN 2020. Registrants may use the Letter of Invitation to confirm their participation in our online conference.

Dress Code: Delegates are requested to observe formal attire during all online sessions of the conference. National or traditional attire is allowed as long as it respects the formality of the event. Delegates must avoid disrespectful or inappropriate dressing.

Certificates of Participation: Certificates of participations will be granted ONLY to participants who attend at least 75% of sessions. Presence is required during the entire session. Certificates will be available to the head delegate, at its login area, at the end of the last day of FAMUN.

Plagiarism:  Participants agrees that all materials produced for this conference will be original work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated at FAMUN 2020, and should the Secretariat discover instances of plagiarism, the individual will be disqualified from the conference without refund.

Exceptions: The Organizational Commission of FAMUN is the only staff member empowered to grant exceptions to general policies.  Requests for exceptions must be submitted in written form to